What is Stress?

Stress is a reaction. Some stress is healthy, even essential, to get things done. But if you believe a set of stressors is overwhelming, you’ll get anxious and have other stress reactions. Common reactions to excessive stressors are;

  • Mental and physical health problems. Stress can kill you.
  • Relationship problems
  • Workers’ compensation claims at work.

Some stressors are:

  • Medical conditions
  • Previous trauma/grief
  • Poor family/work balance
  • Problems at work/home
  • Concurrent stressors – a lot happening at once
  • Predisposition to anxiety (this is called trait anxiety)

If you have the following traits, you may have a predisposition to being more highly affected by stressors

  • A tendency towards perfectionism
  • difficulty relaxing
  • a desire to please others and obtain approval
  • frequent worrying
  • high need to be in control

Some basic stress busters are:

  • Exercise
  • sleep
  • relaxation
  • Healthy diet
  • take it easy on the stimulants
  • get control of your time and work
  • Don’t put up with bullying and harassment
  • Develop your personal life
  • Learn new ways of looking at stress (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help)

Hint: Control and predictability is not a goal (and isn’t possible).